アジア初開催の国際会議 ESS参加!



OECD (経済協力開発機構)Mr. Armando Peres (中央)

E.S.S部員が、アジア初開催の第13回観光統計グローバルフォーラム」"13th Global Forum on Tourism Statistics"(観光庁主催)に参加しました(昨年度までヨーロッパで開催)。




Eurostat(欧州統計局)Mr.Christophe Demunter

Makoto Noguchi 野口真功さん

This November 18th, we attended the "13th Global Forum on Tourism Statistics". To be honest, I couldn't imagine what kind of this event is until we went there for real. This forum was like a real academic meeting and the panelists from domestic and foreign presented their own research subjects about the tourism statistics. A memorable point is that the language used in this forum was only English. Actually, this "Global Forum on Tourism Statistics" is held in every part of the world. Furthermore, this year's place, Japan, was the first country to hold this forum in Asia.
Also, there are tea-break times just like in the "University Scholars Leadership Symposium" which I attended. We were given a booth for promoting the OIU and we could strengthen cultural exchanges with foreign people who attended this forum.
In the particular surroundings which are spoken in English, I could feel like the study abroad. I again realized the importance of English and I take pride that I could be a witness to a great step toward the globalization of Japan.


UNWTO(国連世界観光機関・アジア太平洋センター)Ms. Harmony Lamm

Rifi Fu 何礼慧さん

I went to a world conference on tourism statistics held in Nara. There were a lot of people from all over the world. It is really rare for students to be invited to a conference like this. It was a great honor. I learned about the latest information about tourism, and I also had a great lunch and dinner. I noticed how amazing Japanese food is, and I was moved by the concept of "Omotenashi". I was very excited because there were a lot of people who are experts there. Moreover, I could talk with them and ask them many questions, so I really learned a lot from this event. I really appreciate that I was given the opportunity to attend this conference.


観光庁・観光戦略課長 高橋一郎様

Bianca Guerero ゲレロ・ビアンカさん

This November 18th,we went to the Nara Tourist Statistics Global Forum. We listened to some speakers talk about their countries tourist strategies and how Nara cam improve their tourism. It was really a good and unforgettable experience. We also had the chance to meet well-known and wealthy people who work for the United Nations. I hope that I can use this experience in future.


奈良県知事 荒井正吾様

Madoka Sawada 澤田和佳さん

Recently, I went to a conference on tourism statistics, which was held in Nara. It was an instructive experience for me, because I finally began to understand these statistics in English. If there are more of such conferences, I would want to go again!!